Summer Glau

 Her first TV role was a guest appearance as the ballerina in the 2002 episode of the TV series Angel. The role caught the attention of director Joss Whedon who subsequently had her on his critically-acclaimed, but short-lived TV series Firefly as River Tam, a role she reprised in the feature film sequel to the show Serenity. Glau was previously considered for the Power Ranger role (White Wild Force Ranger Alyssa Erile) in Power Rangers Wild Force. But, she fell short to Jessica Rey before meeting Whedon. She played a minor role in the movie Sleepover that she played high school senior Shelly. She also appeared in the "What's Gilbert Grissom eating?" episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. " as well as season 2 of The Unit as Crystal Burns (the girlfriend of Jeremy Erhart). In 2006, Glau played Tess Doerner as a paranoid schizophrenia returnee during the season two premiere of The 4400, and became an recurring character in season three and beyond. Glau also appeared on Mammoth, a horror comedy. Glau was cast in the ABC Family TV movie The Initiation of Sarah.In Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, a show which debuted on January 13, 2008. Glau was the character Cameron Phillips, a Terminator infiltration unit who is sent back to safeguard John Connor and Sarah Connor from Skynet. The series' seventh episode, "The Demon Hand" included scenes in which Glau (as Cameron) dances ballet. Glau also played Allison Young (Cameron’s human doppelganger from the second season's episodes, "Allison of Palmdale" and “Born to Run". Glau played herself in an CBS episode of the Big Bang Theory's satirical comedy.


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